Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hodgypodgy puddin' and pie

Congratulations to my friend Autumn on the birth of her second baby boy!  After laboring for days, literally, Logan finally made his appearance this afternoon.  I can't wait to meet him tomorrow!

I still haven't got much school work done this week.  There is so much to do this last semester that I can't imagine how I will get it all done.  I missed class Tuesday because my Grandparents went on a cruise with some family and I had no one to watch Avelyn.  Ohhh bummer, had to stay home with my child instead of sitting in a chair listening to a most boring lecture while my butt melted into the seat.  Dragged Avelyn up to school around 3:30 so I could attend an orientation to my High Acuity clinical this semester.  I am so excited for clinical because I got my first choice - labor and delivery at the hospital where I delivered Avelyn a mere nine months ago.  Weird.  I should start sometime next week.  The 12-hour shifts won't be much fun but at least I got a day shift instead of nights.  7am to 7pm will be hard but 7pm to 7am would be impossible with a baby.

We came to San Antonio Thursday after her nine month checkup.  29-1/2 inches and 25 lb 8 oz!  97th percentile in both categories again!  Go Baby Girl!  She didn't need any shots this time but did have her blood drawn to rule out any blood disorders.  I swear a part of her remembered that chair from her early days of daily blood draws because as soon as we walked in the lab room and sat down she went totally silent and got a very serious look on her face.  I was all set for Wail of the Abused Baby but ta da!  No tears!  Nada.  The tech gave her a tongue depressor which she gnawed on throughout the toe prick and squeezing of the blood.  Go Baby Girl GO!  I was so proud.  I really love our pediatrician and I hate the thought of finding a new one in June.  Booooooo.

The real downer of the week came yesterday afternoon while I was shopping at Target.  Before I get to that I should tell you - I was at Target alone.  All by myself.  No baby to watch and make sure she doesn't mouth the shopping cart handlebar.  No husband to scold for paying more attention to his iPhone than to our shopping.  Me, myself and I.  I love spending all my time with Avelyn, love it, but every once in a blue moon when she goes down for a nap and I can get Kevin to stay home while I run out I really enjoy the time to myself.  Anyway, I was at Target and the phone rang.  It was my grandma, who is supposed to be on vacation in very exotic locations south of the U.S.  She fell and broke her knee on the way to the Mayan Ruins and was flying back to Houston for surgery.  She tells me all of this and then says, "Well I wanted to make sure you had plenty of time to find another sitter because I know you didn't have anyone."  Yes Grandma, you are injured, in a full leg stabilizer, on your way back to Texas for orthopedic surgery.  Please, worry about me finding a babysitter.  Pssh.  

They think she chipped her left patella and injured her right arm but I guess they have to wait until her orthopedist appointment on Monday to know the extent of the damage.  Of course I'm disappointed I will have to find new childcare arrangements because there is no one else I would rather leave her with but I am far more worried about her health.  Please pray for my Grandma.

This is kind of a hodgepodge post so I apologize for it's lack of jazz.  It's been a long day and I had my favorite beer at dinner.  I know, I'm a wild child.  I don't drink much at all anymore so it made me very mellow and sleepy and thusly, not very witty.  I know my 2.4 devoted fans have come to expect such a high caliber of writing that I would hate to think you might not visit me anymore.  Seriously, this blog has turned out to be such a great outlet so please, keep visiting me.  And commenting.  I looooooooove comments.  I liiiiiiiive for comments.  I would make out with comments if they brought me money and flowers.  Well, I would at least hold hands.


  1. Your blogs are interesting as hell (well not literally). As long you continue to post, I will continue to read...
    I pray your grandma gets better...

  2. I'm so sorry that you have to find alternate child care. We'll be praying for your grandma and a speedy and healthy recovering. And on a separate note-I live for your blog!

  3. Good luck finding a new sitter...that really sucks to lose someone that you know you can trust :(

  4. Wait a minute, what am I, chopped liver? Babywannabebabysitter!!! TOG-- The Other Grandma!

  5. Yep. Yep you are. No Crazykins you just don't live here. I'll call you when I have the full lowdown on who, what, when, where and why.

  6. Okay, so I don't leave comments all the time- but I am freakin' ADDICTED to your blog. When I am having a crappy day and need a good laugh I know where to run...your blog! I do hope your grandmother gets better and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


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