Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I think I've got Avelyn on a schedule. It's not perfect but then again nothing is. She is eating, napping and going to bed around the same times each day. It's glorious. Now if I can only get her to realize that 5:30 am is NOT an acceptable time to wake up.

My dog won't quit eating. Or peeing. Or pooping. Seriously, she looks for food all the time. Monday she broke into a double bagged trash bag and ate a half pound of sausage while we were upstairs. Her belly was a solid mass and it was disgusting. Damn steroids.

Thumper bit Avelyn twice in the last month. Not really hard but it happened. I beat him (or tried to) each time but in all honesty he wasn't to blame. She loves him and enjoys hitting him and pulling his ears and hair. It's what babies do so she's not to blame either. She also loves it when Etta licks her. Ewwwwwwwww. I just try to keep an eye on them all and make sure nothing too dangerous goes down.

School is eating my soul. I do what I can and accept what I can't but I could be doing more. I'm going to try to do more. I am going to do more. Tomorrow.

Sweet. Lord. A LOST teaser just played on the TV!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!! Please hurry back, LOST!

Somehow the TV is stuck on the CMA Awards. I'm not really watching -- nevermind yes I am, The Eagles are on! There was a reason I landed here! I LOVE the Eagles! Oh. Nevermind. Shania Twain's on now. Someone should tell her that Erica Kane's hairstyle only looks good on Susan Lucci. And it only looks good on Susan Lucci because she's been sporting it since 1908.

I won a game of Facebook Scrabble last night when I should have been sleeping. Or studying. It would be a nice feeling if I hadn't of cheated. Sorry Amanda. "Hi. My name is Jennifer and I'm a cheataholic. Last night I used the Scrabble online dictionary more than once. I'm ashamed but also brain dead. It's an empty victory."

Geez my dog is fat.

I am so in love with my baby.


  1. My doggies won't quit licking Brooklyn. Gross.

    Scrabble bragger. LOL. I demand a rematch.

  2. I just have one thing to say....I LOVE LOST and I saw the teaser too!!! I CAN NOT WAIT for the show to come back on. :)

    Oh, I also watched some of the CMAs. Haha...

    I should have been doing something for school, but hey, there's tomorrow...


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