Sunday, November 2, 2008

All is new

Sweet merciful poo, I HATE daylight savings time. It is stupid. I used to love it when it meant I could sleep in a little more but now it means I have to get up earlier, sort of. Babies don't understand the way it's supposed to work. "Fall back" means you get an extra hour of sleep, not wake up at the same time you did yesterday which is now an hour earlier than it used to be which means that tonight instead of going to bed at what used to be 7:00 you will actually be falling asleep at 6:00. I think. Ugh now I've gone and confused myself. I had it earlier and it was annoying to think about. Please don't try to explain it again, I'm not really an idiot.

She has been tired and whiny all day, poor thing. I thought maybe this week would be a good week to transition her to going to bed a little later, closer to 8:00 but alas, I don't think that's going to happen. Because the new 8:00 is the old 9:00 that's just mean to both of us. Plus we're driving all night Wednesday to Oklahoma for my brother's graduation from Basic Training and she doesn't do well when she's out of her environment and off schedule. Maybe we'll try in a few more weeks.

On a side note I went and bought a few wintry (long sleeve) items for Avelyn today. We bought her some clothes in August in the 6-9 and 6-12 month size. Most of them don't fit now so I had to restock with 12-18. They're a little big, yes, but I figure she's less likely to shrink than grow so it's an investment. I only found pictures for the stuff from Old Navy but got two super cute shirts and 3 fleece pajamas at Carter's. Note all the G-I-R-L colors.

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