Monday, October 27, 2008

Dear Avelyn

Dear Avelyn,

Why won't you laugh for Momma? We all know how funny and riveting my stories are. I thought months ago you had started when I put up that video for all to see. Guess not. I just wanted you to know how your smiles light up my life. Sometimes seeing you smile is the only thing that makes the day worthwhile. After a long day of nursing or class I can't wait to come home to you and see your face when you see mine. Everyone knows how much I loathe getting up early in the morning but I don't mind so much when I get to wake up to you. I think a laugh would really help this too.

Is it too much to ask to hear your adorable giggle? I don't need to hear it to know it will be adorable, that goes unsaid. Each night after your bath I dry you off on the bed. You get cold, since the house is cooling down for bedtime, and I wrap you in your towels and blow warm air all over you and make growling noises on your tummy. You love it. It's the only time I think you might be close to a wholehearted chuckle. I think I've heard one once or twice and it was the most beautiful sound. I can't wait much longer! I need to hear it on a regular basis!

Anyway, you're kind of starting to give me a complex. Could it be that I'm not as funny as I think I am? Lord I hope not, I have so little. So pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top....? Just thought I would ask.

I love you!


  1. I think you're funny! Maybe she has British humour. They never show their teeth when laughing.

  2. At least you asked with a cherry on top!! It will come soon, and when it does it will make your heart skip a beat!


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