Monday, September 1, 2008

Meet and greet #463,732

Avelyn and I had a great time in San Antonio. I don't like being away from our home and all of Avelyn's things but she did pretty well considering. We had two playdates during our trip and had fun at both. Here are some photos of Avelyn and her new friend Taylor, who is 6 months old. It was so cute seeing her try to do what Taylor could do. She was very frustrated that she couldn't move as fast or push up as well as her new friend but I don't think it will be too long before she can! And yes, that beautiful mop of curls is her real hair... we've got a lot of growing to do in that department :) It was so great seeing you all!


  1. This little baby looks like Snow White. Blue eyes and dark hair. How gorgeous... (But I still like bald babies, guess I am predjudiced that way!)

  2. Carla will love that you said that. Taylor will be Snow White for Halloween!


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