Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I finally hung Avelyn's name letters on the wall.  It only took me two months.  They've been sitting in a nice little pile underneath the curtains waiting for me to buy ribbon so I could tie cute little bows and hang them on the wall.  After dragging Kevin to the hobby store and spending 30 minutes crying over the correct shade of purple I made my purchase.  The next day I tied and stapled cute  purple ribbon bows to their backs and then left them sitting in a pile on the floor for  3 weeks.  Three days ago I committed myself to hanging them, only they looked stupid hanging all lopsided from some crappy purple ribbon.  One hour later and those ribbonless letters were nailed to the wall.  (Using only my keen eye for leveling, that's how cool I am.)  I think it looks pretty cute and she, as you can imagine, is over the moon.

Avelyn has finally started to 'not hate' taking a bath.  She doesn't know how to splash or soak me yet but she doesn't cry the entire time and seems to enjoy the warm water.  Sometimes she even smiles and makes little cooing noises.  However, this joy abruptly ends the moment I lift her bottom out of the water and this is what follows for the next 20 minutes.  Every. Time.

Here she is hamming it up for the camera yesterday morning.  She's close to getting the smile thing down on a regular basis.  

This look typically follows.

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