Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Kevin!

We had a wonderful first Father's Day today! My gift to Kevin was being able to sleep through the night and sleep late in the morning without getting up to feed or change Avelyn. I thought it was a pretty great gift. Avelyn gave him her first set of portraits (which are adorable, by the way, and will be posted later) and then we all had a family day and went to the Astros game for Avelyn's first professional sports experience. It was really fun, and like all great stories begins with, "The day started out so well..."

The day really did start out so well. I got up early with Avelyn, made her an Astros onesie for the game, took Etta out, baked cinnamon rolls... I was on a roll. After we ate breakfast I took Avelyn upstairs to get her outfit on and get ready to go. She was a little fussier than normal but I was hoping she was just mad because I'd spent the morning ironing on her logo and not worshipping the ground she walked on.

Anyway, after walking close to 50 miles from our [free] parking space to the stadium and standing in the 100 degree heat for will-call we finally got inside and found our seats. Kevin went to find us some food since for some reason the cinnamon rolls weren't providing a lasting sustenance, and I peeled a sweaty baby out of the BabyBjorn for her bottle. While Kevin ate a sausage dog and fed me sips of Icee she ate the whole 5.5 ounces (not too unusual as she hadn't eaten in 5 hours). Well, the game finally begins and I pass her to Kevin so I can eat my hot dog without fear of drenching her in yellow mustard. Upon finishing my meal I pulled out the camera to start documenting this momentous occasion. I mean, it's Avelyn's first baseball game! Kevin's first Father's Day! YAY!

Sigh. Three pictures in and we look down to see the biggest trail of spit up ever to evacuate a human baby running down her chin, her onesie, her legs, Kevin's arm... it was everywhere! At this exact moment something great goes on during the game and the crowd goes wild. Needless to say, Avelyn goes wild, screaming her bloody head off, poor thing. Not only has she spit up but now she's getting cold, everyone around us is staring at her and it's really, really loud. I immediately got up and took her out so we wouldn't be "those parents". (I know, I know - too late.) Poor thing never recovered and just cried on and off all day.

Long story short I spent most of the game out in the wings walking her around or sitting on the floor. I didn't want Kevin to miss the game so he stayed in the seats and watched by himself. By the 8th inning the Astros were losing so badly that people were swarming out of the stadium in droves. I was finally able to go back in and we sat together to watch the rest of the game and get photos of daddy and baby together. Luckily we were both able to (mostly) keep it together and enjoy our day. We had a really good time and got some great pictures I think. It sounds like a lot went wrong, and I am disappointed we didn't get to watch the game together, but we really had a great day and now we have a very memorable story to go with it so I can't complain. Enjoy the pictures!
Happy girl, full belly!

(About 30 seconds later - out of focus spit up shot)

Where I spent most of the game

Proud Papa


  1. I'm impressed that you guys stuck it out and stayed for the whole game! The pictures are great. She looks like a real sweetie. Oh, and I loved the "technicolor dream dress". That is a great idea to buy a larger sized shirt and use it as a dress. Enjoy this age! As you already know, it goes by way too fast!

  2. Glad to see you had a good Father's Day. I remember Elisa's spit up days. I think her records still stand!


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