Saturday, May 17, 2008

A break in time

My second semester of nursing school is OVER!!! I missed the last 2 weeks of school so I had to take my finals this week before the semester starts on Monday. It was crazy. I am pretty tired all the time because Avelyn is still only sleeping for about 2 hour stretches but I'm not overwhelmingly exhausted (AKA crying all the time) like I was in the beginning. Trying to study and take care of her, or rather not take care of her but let Kevin do it, was very hard. Thank goodness I was used to a lack of sleep. I ended up with 2 B's and (I think) 2 A's in my classes. The final grades aren't posted yet but I'm pretty sure that's what they are... maybe 3 B's but I don't even care. It's done!

Kevin bought me a beautiful present this week. He called it my "Thanks for giving birth" gift. I joke that purple is Avelyn's color because she was jaundice for so long and it complimented her skin. (But she really does look beautiful in purple!) Anyway, it's a gorgeous deep colored amethyst stone surrounded by little diamonds and I love it. I love it even more because he really thought about it and spent a lot of time picking it out. I have the best husband!

Below are some pictures from our mall trip today. We hung out at the Galleria all afternoon and bought Avelyn some new outfits (I'm sick of onesies!) and took some photos throughtout the day. There's a super special one in there too. Enjoy!

Daddy bought her a newborn gloworm for her 3 week birthday last Friday!

Pitstop in Nordstrom

Here you can see my "Thanks for having a beautiful baby!" necklace from Kevin and also the moment I've been looking forward to...

Wait for it...

Avelyn's first intentional smile caught on film!

Yay, Avelyn!


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