Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weighing in

I've actually heard a few questions about the weight issue and where it comes from, where it goes.  So I'm here for the record, to hopefully answer any questions.  Except one - I'm not telling you how much I've gained or how much I weigh.  Let's just say I'm average but I've never seen a number so high in all my life.  ;)  Here is a weight gain estimate for the average woman.  Keep in mind that an underweight woman should expect to gain a little bit more and an overweight woman to gain a little bit less.  Again, these are general estimated guidelines they use in practice, not rocket science:

Maternal weight:                   Fetal weight:
Uterus - 2.39 lbs.                    Fetus - 7.5 lbs.
Breasts - 1.0 lbs.                     Placenta - 1.6 lbs.
Blood - 3.09 lbs.                      Amniotic Fluid - 1.97 lbs.
Water - 4.15 lbs.                     Subtotal = 11.07 lbs.
Fat - 8.27 lbs.     
Subtotal = 18.89 lbs.              Total 29.96 lbs.

Yes, this means you will be hanging onto a lot of it even after the baby is born!  You can generally assume the weight of the fetus, placenta and amniotic fluid will be lost at the birth.  The other 20 some-odd pounds are lost as the blood volume returns to normal (it's almost doubled during the last 9 months),the water weight is lost, and the uterus contracts (which takes a while, hence why a woman will continue to look pregnant for some time after she delivers.  Keep this in mind and you won't be that idiot that asks her when she's due even though she's pushing around a newborn infant).  Unfortunatley this loss of weight does not happen overnight or over a few weeks (usually).  It is more likely it will take months and those last 8-10 pounds of "fat" that you put on will take even longer because your body loves to love fat.  So much so that it throws a fit and demands hard physical exertion to part with it.  Dumb ole body, use your brain --- oh wait, that's the one body part that seems to have LOST weight with all the brain cells that have floated away over the last nine months.  Figures.

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