Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stupid Bunny

Concentrating on school is getting harder and harder. It might be easier if we were getting the summer off - so I'd have an end in sight, and could look forward to staying home with the baby - but we're not getting the summer off. This stupid program has no breaks and so I don't have an end. Yeah, I'm taking finals one week early so I can deliver early and be at home for 3 weeks instead of 2, but that's not an end - just a brief pause in the exceedingly stressful system.

I didn't do well on one test last week, but I did really well on another and have one more on Tuesday before finals start April 21st. Ugh. And I have so much homework and studying to do by Tuesday but I haven't started any of it. Unfortunately it's becoming more and more common for me not to be able to pull it together. I don't like to say it's because "I just don't care", because I really do care. I have worked so hard to get back in school for this degree and I just want to be done with school FOREVER and get a job. But most days I feel totally overwhelmed, underwhelmed, disinterested, TIRED or preoccupied with things other than school and I blame it all on the HORMONES! My Pathophysiology professor Dr. D was right - a little hormone goes a looooong way! And mine are telling me to have a baby... and that's about the only thing they're saving energy to do. Stupid hormones. Stupid energy level. If you happen to see that old Energizer Bunny at the Kroger, give him a punch to the face and then bring his little drum and his batteries over to my place. I could use the boost and banging the drum seems like a fabulous way to relieve stress...

35-1/2 weeks... and wishing for a tan

(I don't think Etta likes her view being interrupted)


  1. Poor Etta, she knows something is above the belly! I am sure she is confused. And you pretty princess, will have your life forever changed when Avelyn arrives-- you will never have private time again... so please, take a deep breath and study for now. Once she comes, there is no incubation time or time to forget the stuff you can now... so just take care of you. That precious angel will bless you you before you are ready! I promise! (But they are wonderful blessings!) Love, Grandma

  2. what i don't understand about having babies is, where does all the extra tummy go when the baby is out? it seems like there would be a lot of extra room in there for awhile.

    this are probably not helpful thoughts. think instead about... tiny baby shoes! and other tiny babyesque items.

  3. Sorry about the stress. I know how that can be. The hormones are something I have decided not to try to figure out.

    I know that you are overwhelmed with school and don't see an end in sight. But, instead of thinking of the end of school (which you should be thinking about school) think about the beginning of your life with the 3 of you! Maybe the beginning of something amazing and wonderful will encourage you and give you what you need to overcome the "stupid" stuff.

    By the way, I can totally hear you saying stuff like "stupid hormones!"

    Take care and Happy Birthday to all 3 of you this month!


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