Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Kevin and I had a nice long Easter weekend together - SIX whole days. I'm feeling very spoiled and am now having a hard time getting back into the school groove. Neither of us did any work at all and now I'm so far behind I may never catch up... so don't bring up the fact that I'm blogging instead of doing that work.

We finished the major projects in Avelyn's room and just have accessories and decorations left, which may or may not get done since money doesn't grow on trees. At least that's what I was told as a child; if this has changed in the last 20 years please let me know ASAP. We bought an antique dresser (Kevin's find!), put together the crib and after three trips to the store finally settled on curtains. The lamp still has no shade and the walls are bare but I think it's coming together. And who am I kidding anyway? She will live in this space for one year and not remember one thing about. It's a room for me and Kevin so as long as I can stand to look at it I guess it will do.

Here are some photos we took in the park on Friday while testing a vintage camera I bought for Kevin a few years ago. They turned out pretty well, although I swear my face and arms do not look that fat in the mirror. I'm hanging onto that dream so don't spoil it. Also, while I'm thinking about it - the scale at the doctors office is evile (that's really, really evil) and mustn't be trusted. Don't believe it's lies.

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  1. We are really pumped for you guys! It looks like things are coming together. We will be eagerly awaiting news a month from today (April 28th). Until then, God bless and rest as much as you can (you'll need it!)

    Sascha, Jennifer & Elisa


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