Monday, February 18, 2008

What's in a name?

Okay, okay. I promised that we would reveal the name if Kevin and I absolutely decided on the one and only name we loved for our little girl. I'm 99% sure we have made up our minds. That being said, as the parents of the aforementioned little girl, we retain the right to change our minds at any given time henceforth without opinion/objection/commentary from anyone else. Got it? Good. So here it goes...

Sometime around the end of April/beginning of May we will be welcoming our first born child, a beautiful baby girl to be named Avelyn Isabel Welch. (If you're unsure, it's pronounced as a soft 'A' (like in Abigail) A-vuh-lin.)

We have perused and made lists and narrowed it down further and further and this was our favorite. She just feels like Avelyn Isabel. I should know - I've been with her since the beginning. (Okay segway - that's weird to think about. I am the only person to be with this new person since her conception. I will be the only person to actually know her for her entire existence. How amazing is that?!) Anyway, we are thrilled to finally know what her name is and be able to refer to her by something other than "she, baby, it, fetus, that thing in your stomach that keeps getting bigger, etc". Only 11 weeks to go! I can't wait!

(Oh - on a side note, let's keep this information between you readers and me.  If you're reading this then you are A) probably only one of two people who read this and B) someone I like enough to give you the link to come here.  If someone isn't reading this it's probably because I don't know or don't like them, therefore I don't want them to know my baby's name yet.  Why?  I'm selfish.  Something you should already know quite well if you know me.  Also - if you tell someone who steals it I will have to hunt you down and kick you in the shin.)


  1. I love the name. Thanks for not making us wait any longer!

  2. Love the name! I can't wait to meet her!


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