Saturday, February 9, 2008

Keep on keepin' on

Well, this has been one long week. With the semester in full swing and 4 exams under my belt I started clinicals on Wednesday. Basically I take care of a patient from 0630-1430 and then meet up with the other students and the instructor for an hour afterwards to talk about what we did, etc. It's a long time to be on your feet but I had a fantastic patient this week so it wasn't really like working. I just gave her some meds and sat in her room to take her history and talk. She was an 84 y/o female admitted with a subdural hemorrage after falling in her kitchen and I have to say, I only hope I am as with it and funny as she is when I'm 84. Truly inspiring.

Thankfully the weather has turned really nice the last few days, getting into the 70's and maybe even the 80's today. It's motivated me to start back up with an exercise routine and stick with it. I've been doing a prenatal yoga DVD a few mornings a week and this week I started walking again. I walked 1.6 miles one day and almost 4 miles the next and plan to go to the gym again in a few minutes. I think I'll drive though so I won't be getting near the 4-mile mark today. The best part of exercising while pregnant is that no one judges you for only walking at 2.8 mph. Also, just being out there doing something gives you major street cred with the lazy people driving by in their cars.

Baby Girl is finding it a tight fit in there these days as evidenced by her progressively painful methods of getting my attention. Sometimes my abdomen is moving in so many different directions all at the same time that I start to think I'm not carrying a baby at all, but in fact someone has secretly implanted a bag full of chickens and they've finally united together to peck their way out. I appreciate the movement and find it very reassuring but sometimes I just want to lean over my stomach and yell "Hey, Baby! You get to inflict serious physical trauma in 12 weeks so hold your horses!" But I don't do this. Instead I behave in a very grown up mature fashion by poking her back when she pokes me. A little passive agressive I admit, but supposedly it's good for her. It's like a little game and helps to stimulate her senses and stretch her muscles. Secretly I know she's probably not stretching anything but the finger and thinking "Geez lady, you're rude."

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  1. Glad to know you are doing well. I love reading your posts - keeps me entertained! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

    the Terrys

    PS- any name ideas?


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