Friday, February 29, 2008

Bigger everyday

Over Christmas we got to visit with some friends who have been living in Brazil for the past several years. It was the first time we got to meet their little baby (who will be two this summer - how time flies). Well, today they emailed some photos of our visit and I just thought Kevin looked so cute holding little Elisa. It got me really excited about our little girl and I am so looking forward to seeing Kevin hold Avelyn for the first time. It's exciting to think about even though I know I can't really imagine the actual feeling of meeting her, finally, for the first time.

This week the real countdown (to me, anyway) has begun. In about 9 weeks this little jumper bean will make her debut. I can't wait to see this face!
(I swear she was smiling right before this)

30 weeks (It's all baby in there)


  1. That little Elisa sure is a cutey. I think she was making that face while peeing on Kevin - I should know!

    Your little belly is cute too! We are really pumped for you guys. Keep the updates coming!

    Sascha, Jennifer and Elisa

  2. That last comment (and this one) are actually written by Sascha (on Jennifer's computer).


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