Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Name Game

Well, it's been an exciting two weeks since we found out we're having a girl and it is so much fun to finally look at only one side of the clothing stores! And registering for the pink and purple things was way more fun than I thought it would be. I started the registry thinking we'd probably register at a few places just to have some options but then I realized that the entire world of baby products was available at Babies 'R Us and stopped there. I keep telling Kevin that this kid is coming and bringing with it a whole lot of nothing, but I had forgotten just how much stuff a teeny tiny baby needs! Where the heck do we put it all?!

We are also really enjoying talking about what she'll look like, which features she'll get from each of us and of course, what to name her! I think every little girl has a list of names that change throughout the years. When I was young I thought Brassonette was the perfect name for a girl but don't worry, my seven year old tastes have changed! We have narrowed down the list this week but we don't plan to reveal the name before the birth so just don't ask. You're not gettin' the goods. It's important to me that the name fits her and there's really no way to tell until she's born. I'm pretty sure Etta James and Thumper are in the know but since we are their primary source of food, they're not giving it up.  If by some stroke of luck we find the absolute most perfect name, and there is no way we're changing our minds, maybe then we'll decide to tell the whole world but don't hold your breath!


  1. oh come on. we all know you're naming her Cameron.

    or Galadriel. Persephone. or....

  2. Jim has suggested Jamie Welch, or Richey Welch in order to save James for a future boy. I shall soon create a poll for my loyal, and creative, friends.


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